Monday, 25 July 2011

good thinggg!!!! =D

i guess i'm blessed this morning.. good thing happens to me n it is for real!! waaa!!!! 
guess what?? i open my fb few minutes ago n SYAFIQ YUSOF has approved my friend request!!!!!! sonoknye!!!!! =D 

he was called the youngest director in the history.. so i kinda wonder how old is he.. n this morning, i found out that he is 19!!!! he was born on December 7,1992!!! how young is he rite?? but, it is hoped that he can come out with fresh, creative, brand new ideas and make enjoyable n undeniable movies in the future.. may ALLAH blessed u SYAFIQ! =D

 enough about him.. i need to go now.. route for today ---> bank islam + yayasan negeri sembilan + seremban parade + tesco! may ALLAH simplify all my business today.. aminn...... =)

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